pam150In my humble opinion, one of the best things in 1999 was the release of the Supersucker’s album “THE EVIL POWERS OF ROCK’N’ROLL”.   It’s one of those straight-ahead rock records, with tongue in cheek lyrics and some ass-kicking leads ripping throughout.  It’s also one of those rare cds that I can actually listen to all the way through.

I suffered many a hangover that started innocently enough with a few beers & that cd….Somehow I’d often end up downtown tripping around in heels, a bustier & a cowboy hat…I suppose that record is aptly named….perhaps I ought to have heeded the cryptic warning.

Regrets and hangovers aside, I was peel-off-the-ceiling excited to check out their show in Montreal last May.

With such an incredibly diverse library of tunes to pick from, I was curious how Supersuckers would go about building a set list, I wanted to find out after spending the better part of the last decade on the road – how this tour was going.  I needed to get answers, and was thrilled when Dan “Thunder” Bolton and “Metal” Marty Chandler agreed to chat with me.  I’d read up on the band, and learned that in 2001 they started their own label so that they could have more freedom, and set themselves up to be completely self-managed; A fully self-contained machine.  It sounded so positive, so promising. I couldn’t wait to talk to them.

It took all of fifteen seconds to realize that this band had seen some hard times, and Bolton, in particular, was incapable of disguising his bitterness. “Disenchanted” is the kindest word that I can come up with to describe Bolton’s demeanor.  It was painfully obvious that there were about a million places he would have rather been, other than standing outside the club talking with me.

I didn’t take it personally.  Initially, I was shocked at just how unhappy Bolton seemed but then I realized that we were getting a glimpse behind the theatre curtain; A rare dose of total honesty.

So, as awkward as I may have felt at times during this interview, I am grateful for the total candor with which both Bolton and Chandler communicated.

Chandler, although more soft-spoken, echoed some of the frustrations that Bolton boldly voiced.  The business of music was a messy one….and one that ought not be mixed with the creative processes of music.

Despite the hard truths put forward during our talk, I could swear that I still caught glimmers of sparks when we talked about favorite songs to play live.

If you’ve been dreaming of being a touring rock’n’roll band, take a few minutes and get to know the Supersuckers…..

A Supersuckers show is a glorious thing to behold.  I’ve heard it said that once they hit the stage they could turn any old Wednesday night into a decent Friday night.

Eddie Spaghetti cracked me up when after pounding out their first song, which was met with applause and enthusiastic cheers, asked “Are you ready to start the show?”, after which he introduced the Supersuckers humbly as the “Greatest Rock’n’Roll band in the World!”.

The live show was sweltering.  “Metal” Marty certainly proved from where his nickname hailed…dude is a blistering player!  He was a joy to watch, and I totally caught him smiling a few times!  He was having fun on stage and it showed.

On the opposite side of the stage, Bolton, standing slightly less stoic than he had throughout the interview, pounded out the rhythm tracks seemingly effortlessly, leaning into the mic occasionally to add his harmonies to the mix.

Nearing the end of the show, Spaghetti took a photograph of the Montreal crowd, after encouraging everyone to give him a one-finger salute.  “Squeeze in, c’mon a little closer…Perfect”.  It was an endearing gesture to which the audience reacted favorably.

I love the Supersuckers. I love that no matter what – when you go see the Supersuckers, they’re going to put on a great show.  I love that they are real, gritty, honest and not too proud to tell it like it is.  I tip my hat to them, and hope that all that they require to keep writing and touring comes to them.  I wish them comfort, health, happiness, inspiration and fulfillment….a solid record deal, management they love & trust, endorsements (Are you listening ORANGE?) and big bags of money!!!






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