Prashant Aswani – NAMM 2013 ESP Guitars


pam150There are people who, just by their very being, set us so at ease that we find ourselves sharing stories that had previously remained untold.  People with whom we feel safe to be ourselves; Weaknesses and all.  People who promote growth in others.  Apart from being a very talented, accomplished, sought-after guitarist and producer Prashant Aswani appears to also be one of these people.

The music he plays is instrumental, technical and melodic with tons of groove…but there is way more to it than that.

With no lyrics to spoon feed us a story, instrumental music can often leave a listener in the dark as to what the song is about.  We’re left to our own instincts to interpret the piece.  Sometimes it feels like the writer might not even WANT us to know what he was writing about; whoever can discern/dissect/interpret what the song is about can follow, and those who cannot are left behind.

This is one area where I feel that Prashant’s music is wonderfully unique, it’s like he’s reaching out and grabbing us so that we can travel the wave with him.  He WANTS us along for the ride. When I first met Prashant, I tried to describe this to him but amid the noise, distractions, interruptions and flowing drinks I’m not certain I adequately made my point.

When we met the following morning we were better able to talk in a relaxed environment.  Before the camera rolled, while exchanging pleasantries, Prashant asked me if I played guitar.  When I said “No,” he almost looked disappointed.  Then he asked “Why?”

In all of the interviews I’ve done, I’ve never felt like it was me being interviewed, so when he asked I was a little taken aback.  Because he seemed genuinely interested, I told him honestly why I don’t play.  It’s a story that I’ve never told anyone. While telling him, I felt like something inside me unlocked and there is a huge corridor filled with possibilities that I now must explore.

I enjoyed talking with Prashant, he is extremely well-grounded, articulate and his passion for music simply oozes.

Later in the weekend, I had an opportunity to speak with another very accomplished player who told me about a conversation that he had shared with Prashant.  The conversation had begun with a discussion about picks and evolved from there with Prashant sharing ideas about different ways to truly excel in the business of music.

This is when I realized that my first impression, that Prashant wants us to share in his passion for music by grabbing us so we could ride the wave with him, was more far reaching than I had originally thought.

Prashant wants us all to experience the magic that music offers.  He wants to inspire us.  If he has travelled a road and is familiar with the footing – he will share what he knows to help.  He wants us to live, breathe and feel music…not only his OWN music but good music.  He wants people to feel fulfilled…impassioned….

A true artist, a rare talent, a father, and builder of people….Meet Prashant Aswani.

Prashant Aswani Uses the following Gear:

Select ESP and LTD Signature and Stock Models

Bogner Ecstasy Heads and open back 2 x 12″ Cabinets loaded

with one Celestion Vintage 30 & on vintage 25

Hardwire Flanger, Delay & Tuner

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby

Ibanez Super Overdrive

Dean Markley Strings


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