Montreal Guitar Show!

Check out our detailed photo coverage from the Montreal Guitar Show, right here!


Alexander James | Ontario

Builder since 2002, Alexander James offers a unique selection of guitars custom crafted for each customer with only the finest Exotic woods. Take a look at these cool guitars.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Alexander james{/photogallery}

Designer Bill Asher Offered these fine samples of his Guitars and Lap Steels. 30 plus years of craftsmanship and it truly shows in his work. 

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Asher{/photogallery} | USA

A collaboration of John Backlund and Bruce Bennett, uniquely styled and visually striking guitars offered in a limited run. Ultra retro vibe.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Back Lund designs{/photogallery}


{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Benedetti{/photogallery} | Quebec

Custom made to measure by Canadian Luthier Benoit Maillette, check out this selection of interesting guitars.


Branch | USA

A cool combination of wood and metals in these unique high end guitars, This team constantly striving to create Cutting edge designs. Unlike any other we saw at the show.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Branch{/photogallery} | USA

Handcrafted guitars made in New England by Dean Campbell, Meticulous but simplistic design with attention to detail using all the finest available tone woods.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Campbell{/photogallery} | Saskatchewan

Dingwall offer a collection of explosive designs, very cool Canadian builder that offer unique custom guitars and basses.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Dingwall{/photogallery} | USA

Started as furniture maker Peter Dudley decided to take his skills in a different direction with these incredible offerings, check out the detail of the inlay on these chambered hand carved guitars.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Dudley Customs{/photogallery} | Hungary

Founded in 1998 Fibenare offer a unique seelction of boutique style handmade electric guitars and basses. All of the hardware and pick-ups are designed by the maker as well.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Fibenare{/photogallery} | USA

Complete attention to detail in this makers take on the Classic T-style guitars. Renowned for his build quality and finished.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Hahn{/photogallery} | USA

Retro styling in a minimalist but boutique fashion, we fell in love with these designs. All handcrafted with the best available woods and hardware.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Henman{/photogallery} | Germany

Now famous for the Blue Whale this maker come s from 100 years of craftsmanship. Models ranging from hand carved Redwood to the standard vintage style single cut. Incredible attention to detail in these fine guitars.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Huber{/photogallery} | UK

Famous for the Simon Townshend Model this guitar maker has gone on to develp quite the collection of handcrafted pieces as well as fabricating some incredible sounding handwound pick-ups.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/JJ Guitars{/photogallery} | USA

Cool retro styling custom guitars from Kauer, Vintage vibe with modern building and quality hardware.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Kauer{/photogallery} | Japan

Amazing is the only word that comes to mind when describing what these guitars are. Incredible detail amazing woods and beautiful tone.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Kawakami{/photogallery} | USA

All about comfort balance and good looks combined with craftsmanship and incredible tone. Extremely fitted and comfortable to play these guitars are amazing!!!

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/King Blossom{/photogallery} | Quebec

Jean Lamarche offers these unique Headless travel ready guitars. Custom made with an excellent selction of tone woods and hardware.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Lamarche{/photogallery} | USA

Unique, unique and unique combined with custom hand made electronics and a fine selection of tone woods, this builder offers something diffrenent. Unlike any other we have seen.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Malinoski{/photogallery} | France

PMC offer a unique blend of electric and acoustic guitars, hybrid oud/guitar offerings and hand carved beauties. Their Bybios model won the 2010 Bourse de L’innovation in France.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/PMC{/photogallery} | Ontario

Mike Potvin makes these beautiful and interesting and standard models in his Humble Canadian shop. Using only the finest available tone woos and parts he has created something new and interesting and old but new and cool.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Potvin{/photogallery} | Quebec

These cool guitars and basses offered by Canadian Luthier Francois Beausejour, with focus on Ergonomic features and Sound. Enjoy this selection of interesting guitars and basses.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Quatre Temps{/photogallery} | Germany

Ritter guitars and Basses were made famous by Prince, incredibly crafted unique styling and stunning visually. These guitars offer something different yet again.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Ritter{/photogallery} | Finland

Super High end finishing in these meticulously hand crafted specimens. Offered here are some spectacular example of their fine work.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Ruokangas{/photogallery} | Germany

Check out this amazing selection of basses from Sandberg, retro, vintage unique take off on designs from yesteryear. Very cool!!

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Sandberg{/photogallery} | USA

Abstract with the use of many different materials I these extremely interesting instruments. Definately different.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Spalt{/photogallery} | Germay

Based on Modern industrial design Ulrich Teuffel has outdone himself with incredibly unique guitars. Used by many unique player such as Hans Zimmer, David Torn and Billy Gibbons, take a look at these fine examples of his art.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Teuffel{/photogallery} | USA

Started his career making metal violins and dulcimers then switching to crafting these unique one of a kind guitars. Tone like no other !!!!

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Trussart{/photogallery} | USA

Each one of this builders guitars is a unique design using the finest in tone woods and hardware. Standard features are his quarter sawn compound radius necks. Said to satisfy your quest for serious tone.

{photogallery}images/stories/articlepics/mgs/Widman{/photogallery} | Quebec

Cool lightweight and versatile styled guitars all with individual unique design, These guitars are chambered and finished with interesting drawings.


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