Monster Truck – Montreal Metropolis – July 15 2013



Monster Truck – Montreal Metropolis – July 15 2013

 Juno winners Monster Truck were just settling in for sound check when we arrived at the venue.  Within moments, organist Brandon Bliss appeared and with a big smile and warm handshake he ushered us onstage to meet the rest of the band, who stopped what they were doing to introduce themselves and exchange pleasantries with us before returning to the business of sound check.  I thought it was extremely cool of them to take the time out to greet us and to make us feel welcome.

We moved around the venue as they worked with their crew to get the sound just right.  They sounded great!  It was a real treat to enjoy our own private pre-show taste of the musical goodies they were serving up later than evening when opening for Alice in Chains.

Monster Truck started as a passion project, with the focus being on writing and playing the songs that the band members wanted to play.  Seasoned enough to have worked in other bands that were focused on trying to create music toward an end goal, Monster Truck was the creative outlet, the vehicle (so to speak) through which the music that they heard and felt and came naturally through them, could be channelled.  For these young, impassioned musicians that were beginning to experience feelings of being frustration with some of the realities of the industry, Monster Truck became the remedy.  It was freeing. It was fun…and it caught FIRE!

Sitting down with an artist who is truly doing what he wants to be doing is a wonderful thing!  Jeremy was fun to chat with.  Down to earth, honest, and enthusiastic, he was approachable, charming and I really enjoyed our conversation.

Tight and energetic, the band’s enthusiasm was apparent as they took to the stage.  The sound mix was brilliant, blending a rumbling bottom-end with driving guitar, organ and the sweetest vocals surfing atop.

Interacting with one another and the wildly exuberant audience, Monster Truck played one groove-laden, catchy 70s-inspired song after the next.  There is no doubt why they won a Juno for Breakthrough Band of the Year-2013.  What a show!  I’m sure that every time they play a show in an opening slot, they are amassing more fans.

Each member is so talented and proficient individually those if you closed your eyes, you’d swear that there were 8 players on stage. Together they create music that is irresistible, add to that, their passion, and gratitude for the successes they’ve enjoyed so far and you have a band that is going to continue to create soulful music, and play it joyfully for their fans.

If you haven’t caught a Monster Truck show – do yourself a favour and GO.  Feed your musical soul and bask in the rare moment when you can see 4 talented dudes, playing music that they truly feel and love!

Can’t WAIT to catch them headlining soon!!!



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