pam150A friend of mine insisted that while I was at the Kitchener Blues Festival that I just HAD to check out this local band named “Lumberjunk”.

With time being short, and a ton of great acts to see, I did a little pre-event homework & hopped onto Youtube to see what all the fuss was about. Within all of about 20 seconds, it was settled. We’d definitely be going to check out their set.

20 seconds is all it took because right away it was evident that there was something special that came to life when these 4 talented musicians hit the stage, there was groove, swing and chemistry.

When we reached the stage where Lumberjunk were going to play, I noticed two guitars right away – a beautiful old Firebird and an SG.

Then I noticed a gigantic hunk of lumber on the stage – which I later learned housed 2 Leslie organs.  I was feeling sorry for the roadies when my thoughts were interrupted by the band walking out onto the stage.

They looked like they all belonged to different bands.

The bass player was decked out – looking really funky and slick with his button down shirt and tie and a cool hat to top it all off.  The guitar player was sporting black – head to toe – totally the rock guy. Then the singer in a casual button down shirt with a vest????

I was so confused.  There was absolutely no visual cohesion here at all.

I imagined trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle by taking one piece from 4 different puzzles & just seeing if they might work together.

Then they burst into song and the illusion that these guys didn’t “go” together immediately vaporized.  They were soooooooo good!  Each was so different and had his own vibe, his own sound, his own groove going on.  Each was exceptionally talented, and there was sufficient separation in the sound to be able to easily pinpoint what each was doing.

Tough to describe, but try to imagine 4 very talented musicians playing Allman-Brothers influenced, groovy, happy, funky, soulful blues-rock with brilliantly articulate drumming and layers of sweet harmonious vocals.

The magic truly happened when what each musician was doing met and melded with the what the other guys were doing….Truly a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

The energy created by witnessing that kind of magic unfold is addictive.  The hundreds of people present for Lumberjunk’s afternoon show were fully engaged.

I studied the crowd and saw an extremely diverse age demographic from teens to seniors completely absorbed by the show; many even knew all the words to the original material.

If that wasn’t telling, the two rousing standing ovations were.

Lumberjunk.  Odd name. Great band!  If you get the opportunity to see these guys live – jump on it! You won’t be disappointed.  We were happy to catch up with them and look forward to sitting with them again sometime soon!






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