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It’s not often that one gets to sit down with a pioneering musician whose career spans more than 3 decades, for that very reason I was stoked to sit down with Lita Ford during Namm 2013.

This extremely talented guitarist kicked off a whirlwind career with a little band called The Runaways, in the mid-seventies.  Alongside Joan Jett, this all-girls band braved many gender-biases paving the way for women in Rock’n’Roll for generations to come.

Lita arrived upstairs at the Dean Markley booth and flashed a wide enthusiastic smile as she acknowledged and individually greeted everyone present.  Her warmth was palpable and her energy fresh and invigorating.  Lita appeared to be every bit as happy to be there as we were! A quick swipe of lip gloss and we were good to start the interview.   Because of ambient noise drifting into the media/artist lounge I warned Lita that I’d have to keep the mic really close to her face, for a Rock Goddess she was quite soft spoken!

The years have been kind to Lita, she looked healthy, fit and radiant – and still very sexy!

When looking over her upcoming tour schedule grueling would NOT be a word that would pop into mind.  Most of the carefully selected shows seem to be well spaced out to allow for a healthy lifestyle.  When you stop to think about it, she truly deserves it. She finished paying her dues a long time ago.  That being said, during the interview Lita alluded to the possibility of touring the new “Living Like a Runaway” record, and if she gets what she wants, this tour would be a little different.

I guess her pioneering ways die hard.

Lita would ideally like to tour this record with the same vision with which it was conceived, by performing the album in its entirety.

Concert-goers would be able to hear all of the songs from album as a cohesive collection because after all the blood, sweat and tears that Lita poured into this record, she really believes that the songs ought to be experienced as a complete work;  A real concept album where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

For now, the shows currently booked will offer a great mix of fan favorites.

It was a joy to speak with Lita and we look forward to sitting with her again!

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Lita Ford Uses the Following Gear:

BC Rich Warlock NJ and Bich Double Neck

Marshall JCM 800 (Originals) and Marshall Canbinets

Dean Markley Strings

Seymour Duncan Pick-ups

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Dunlop Picks



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