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pam150 It’s no secret that I am a massive Joe Satriani fan.  His music has been a part of my life since I was in my late teens.  His songs seem to have the uncanny ability to reflect what I am feeling, when words simply can’t capture the scope, depth or range of the emotion.

Since my early 20s, it has been on my bucket list to meet Joe so that I can personally thank him for the incredible music that he has shared with me (and us) over the years.

I have danced countless hours in my car, blasting Joe’s music, pretending not to notice the odd looks from the drivers around me.  I have wept in the middle of a concert because a piece he played moved me so deeply.   I am passionate about the music that Joe Satriani creates; it seems to awaken an intense energy within me.  I swear, at a Satch show, you could probably roast marshmallows off the energy I radiate!!!

Exuberant would be a good word to describe how I felt going into my interview with Joe….IF “exuberant” had a dial that could be turned up to 11!  I was so filled with high-spirited vitality that I thought I might just explode like an enthusiasm bomb!  You know the feeling…when you are convinced that you could run straight up a 30 foot wall.  Yep. That was me.  I could barely contain it.

I’m humbled, and deeply grateful that I was able to sit with him, and who knows, maybe one day we can do it again!

I recently read that Satriani referred to his solo project as a “Dirty little rock band”.  That comment made me giggle because I’ve been to many Satriani shows, and I’ve never seen a “dirty little rock band”.  It has always been very smooth, very clean, and very, very precise.   The technical playing has always been astounding and the sound nothing short of pristine.  You KNOW that you’re going to get a great show when you go see Satriani.

The October 9th show at Theatre St Denis, in Montreal was no exception. The playing was technically astonishing, not only from Joe – but from all 4 of the talents on stage.  Mike Keneally was mind-blowing trading licks with Joe on guitar AND keys.  Bryan Bellar slapped some funky, soulful bass, and Marco Minneman stunned and entertained the crowd with an exceptionally playful and mind-boggling drum solo that garnered him a standing ovation – one of several impromptu standing ovations that occurred throughout the show.

DSC_5277 (960x636)

It can’t be denied that Bryan and Marco bring something special to the band – an excitement, newness, and edginess that drove the energy of the show to new heights.  Without giving up an ounce of precision – they brought the “dirty” into this “dirty little rock band”.  It was absolutely amazing.

They played loud, and there was room for everyone. The drums and bass were as prominent as the keyboards and guitars.  Each player with his own tone, seemed to carve out his own space without impeding the space of his band mate. It was brilliantly mixed for a sound that was raw and in your face – yet beautiful, smooth and full of groove.

I raced to the back of the theatre where I could dance in the shadows – and dance is what I did. Throughout the entire show – I danced like nobody was watching – because nobody WAS!!!  It was liberating!

The band played some of my favorites off the new release including: Unstoppable Momentum, Three Sheets to the Wind, I’ll Put a Stone On Your Cairn, Shine On American Dreamer, Lies and Truths, A Door Into Summer, Jumpin’ In, The Weight of the World.

They also journeyed back through the catalogue of older songs including: Devil’s Slide, Flying in a Blue Dream, Ice 9, Cool #9, The Crush of Love, Satch Boogie, Cryin’, Always with Me, Always with You, Surfing with the Alien, Crowd Chant and Summer Song.

It was an incredible show and I eagerly await the next time the Satriani tour bus pulls into town.Satriani

More Satriani…..

Stay tuned for our 1-hour private lesson with Joe and Rick Corvese!

Be sure to check out Satriani’s 3D concert film “SATCHURATED” at

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Photo credit : P.Ashton, Theatre St-Denis, Montreal, October 9, 2013 Unstoppable Momentum Tour


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  1. This interview was so good! I love to hear the ‘behind-the-music’ type of information like how songs are created…and getting to learn more about the person behind the magic.
    Thank you for asking the non-standard questions to allow his personality to come out.

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