Jidell, Marcus : Pictures From a Time Traveller, – Lion Music


Jidell, Marcus : Pictures From a Time Traveller, – Lion Music

Marcus, the veteran Swedish guitarist best known for playing in the bands Evergrey and Royal Hunt, is blessing us with his first ever solo record! Why now Marcus?

“I started to write the songs a long time ago because I wanted to do something that was totally me and to work just by myself without anyone else around. Most of the songs are from that time but some are newer of course. The reason that it took so long time to finish the recordings was that I got bored in the middle if the process and its no use to work with something like this if the heart is not there. So I had a long brake and then one year ago I listened to the old recordings and felt the same joy as I had when I wrote the songs so I finished it.”


The record indeed indicates a master musician at the peak of his game and in full control of his instrument, the songs are superb and the performance flawless. Everything from Hendrix to King Crimson is in the mix with a very fluid and dynamic playing style. Let’s let Marcus take us through the album track by track:

Arctica: “Arctica is the most modern song for me with fast double kicks and drum energy. I imagined being chased by a polar bear. It started when I saw a documentary about Arctic winters and how the animals tried to survive in that extremely hard environment. The inspiration is from a place that is both beautiful and extremely mean, cold and harsh.”

242213_592211684134148_848266335_oHuldra (Ruler of the Forest): “Huldra started with me playing the main theme on piano one day. I love folk music and this theme is inspired by Swedish folk music. I started to think about Huldra, or Skogsraet, as she is called in Swedish. Thinking of this folkloric figure inspired me to finish the song and everything came quite naturally as I had the story in my head. I like to think when I come up with something it is like telling a story. It doesn’t matter if the listener hears another story, it is about what you see, I want to inspire people’s imagination and creativety with my music. Svante Henryson is playing an amazing cello solo on the track. I wanted the song to be groovy at the same time. In short I would say, Hendrix meets an old Swedish folk musician (with a special taste for DOOM ) and they start to jam!”

Tesla World System: “Nicola Tesla got the reputation of being a true mad scientist, what could be more inspiring for writing a piece of music? For me, he is a man who deserves a lot more attention than he got. One of the visions he had was that music could be spread around the world with his World System. I was listening to King Crimson the other day and recognize that there are some elements of their influence in this song.”

Rei Zan: “This song was supposed to be on the Japanese pressing of Evergrey’s Glorious Collision album. We never got that deal signed in Japan so this song was never released. I have been to Japan a few times with Royal Hunt and this song is inspired by the landscape there; mountains and volcanos like Mt. Fuji for instance.”

El-Amarna(Ruins of Ahketeton): “ I read this book about Pharoah Ahketeton and the city he built. He tried to build a place where peace would reign but of course things didn’t work out that way. I still hope there will be peace in this world , but that looks unlikely in my lifetime 🙁 .”

Space Dog: “If you listen to the intro of this song, you get a feeling of how it must have felt for Lajka, the first dog in space, to be thrown into space without being asked or properly informed (it is hard to explain these things to a dog).”

Wedding Song: “ A song I composed a long time ago, performed by my father and I at the wedding of my older brother and his wife.”

Will fans of Royal Hunt and Evergrey enjoy this album?

“ I think fans of both will enjoy it very much. This is a solo project though and I need to be true to my own musical vision and feelings. To do otherwise would be dishonest. I can’t wait to make another album, I have so much music in me waiting to come out.”

What gear did you use on this recording:

“Amongst others,

Amps: Marshall JVM210, Marshall Plexi, Marshall 900 modified by Tommy Folkesson.

Pedals: Tubescreamer, EP Booster,Big Muff and many others.

Guitars: Mainly Caparison guitars as well as a few Gibsons and Fenders.”


Rating: 4.5/5


Track Listing:

01. Arctica

02. Huldra (Ruler of the Forest)

03. Tesla World System

04. Rei Zan

05. El-Amarna (Ruins of Akhetaton)

06. Space Dog

07. Wedding Song



Marcus Jidell – Guitar, bass, piano ,cello, keyboards, percussion.

Svante Henryson – Cello

Andreas Johansson – Drums

Hannes Van Dahl – Drums (#4,6)

Andre’ Andersen – Keyboard solo (#3) Rolf Jidell – Cello (#1 ,7)

Rickard Nilsson – Hammond (#3)

Johan Nieman – Bass on #1

Jennie-Ann Smith – Additional vocals (#3)




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