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mike150As a young lad growing up near Philadelphia, Jesse Vile was drawn to the electric guitar and to the onslaught that was the Shrapnel stable of American shredders. In particular , he became a huge fan of Jason Becker and his groundbreaking work both with Cacaphony and as a solo artist. Jesse shelved his guitaring career as he developed an interest in film. That interest brought about a major change in his life as he moved to London England to pursue his studies toward the dream of becoming a film maker.

Early on in this process, Jesse felt the need to develop a rockumentary about the life of Jason Becker so far, his diagnosis with ALS and his subsequent fight to live and battle through the disease to continue his life , his passion of creating music. Many years passed as Jesse organized the task to realize this dream, from afar. He needed funding, family permission and access to the families’ collection of photos and videos. He met with Jason and the Becker family and they were amazed at his passion and goals and decided that yes, Jesse was the man to champion this labour of love. At the Jason Becker benefit in Amsterdam,  we at became aware of Jesse’s efforts, that the rockumentary film release was imminent, and were determined to somehow meet and interview him. The documentary started to be unveiled at a number of festivals during March 2012, and subsequently at the HotDocs festival in Toronto in late April and early May 2012. A festival Jesse attended, to our good fortune. The film has had an amazing success already, winning several awards and at the HotDocs festival, Canadian distributor KinoSmith was so impressed, they picked up ALL Canadian distribution rights for the film, quite a coup for young Jesse:

“We’re extremely excited to be representing this film,” said KinoSmith president Robin Smith in a statement. “We fell in love with it at Hot Docs this year and we’re eager to get Jason’s story out to a larger audience across Canada this fall.”

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LoudGuitars is proud to present our interview with Jesse, as well as his Q&A session following one of the screenings, enjoy! And do see the film, you will laugh, cry, learn a lot and be amazed at the triumph of the human spirit. We love you Jason and thank you so much for bringing us this amazing film Jesse!

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