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drew150Where do you start with this musical genius?

I first heard Ian Thornley on Much Music, actually it was a live clip of Big Wreck playing at Whistler Mountain and I was completely taken by the amazing pipes and guitar prowess of this dude and the sound of the band altogether.

Shortly thereafter I bought “In Loving Memory” Big Wreck’s debut album, filled with amazing tones, melodies and incredibly fresh and original guitar playing. Yes Ian has been compared to Chris Cornell and yes he does have a little of that timbre but that is just the tip of the iceberg with this crafty dude. Not only can you commend this guy for writing some incredible songs and playing a creatively mean guitar but he is a music scholar as well.  Ian attended Berklee where he met the musicians that became Big Wreck.  Add to the long list of accomplishments 14 plus years of writing, touring, clinics, 3 Big Wreck albums and 2 Solo efforts.

Recently, Ian resurrected “Big Wreck and brought us “Albatross”. This record is an amazing collection of stunning songs, tones and musicality.  I urge you to go and buy all that they have done, you will not be disappointed.

You can do that here: BIG WRECK and here THORNLEY

Being the huge fan I am of Thornley and all of his work it was weird and hard for me to be doing this feature because I had so much that personally, I wanted to know and ask. I did not want to seem like I was a blubbering fan boy who could not string a sentence together to save my life.

As it turned out, It was no issue as Ian is cut from the same cloth as I, a total gear head/music nerd who could talk about gear/music and play for hours and then do it all over again. He was genuine and forthcoming about everything and completely humbled by my praise for his work and interest in his gear.

I will not even try to list everything I saw on this gear tour as there was just so much and unlike most other touring bands with a few million guitars out on the road this guy really utilizes every single guitar for a different tuning or tone. Ian is much like most of you that share our passion, constantly on the look out for that new or old piece of gear that will inspire new music and truly excited about the prospect of discovering a new treasure that will inspire.

This was only the second time I got to see them live and what a show it was, packed house and the energy was incredible. The sound started off a little shaky, and the light guy was out to lunch for most of the show but it did not hinder the performance. 3 incredible guitars players on stage all executing their parts with ease and flow, no clutter whatsoever in the sound and the rhythm section laid it down like pavement on a blistering hot day!!! Here is a sneak peek at a song that turns out to be their first number ” one” congrats guys and thanks for a great afternoon and night!




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