Chris Feener


pam150 “Hey Pam. I’m down!”

Chris Feener’s reply to a message I’d left proposing an interview.

I chuckled when my iphone lit up with his response.  With one text he’d given the impression that he was cool, down-to-earth, friendly and enthusiastic.

(Who’d have thought that we’d progress so far past the LOL that we could actually create an impression via text?!?!)

I’d had a chance to poke around Youtube and had seen a few tutorial videos that Chris had done.  His fluidity, melodies and feel instantly resonated with me.  I liked his playing style…and now, on top of that, he’s a nice guy?!? Well YAY for that!

In person, Chris was warm, straightforward and genuinely seemed happy. Happy to be right where he was. Happy that he was touring. Happy to be in Canada. Just, generally happy.

Early in the interview, Chris shared that the tour was going really well for Threat Signal.  He felt that this tour really helped to push the new, self-titled album and that audiences everywhere were very receptive to their live show.

If the crowd in Montreal was representative of what happened most of the tour, it’s no wonder why Chris was so happy.  Threat Signal came out guns blazing and the audience responded.  With two very talented guitarists trading licks while the drummer and bass player pounded through like a freight train, Montreal didn’t know what hit them.  This wasn’t an opening act to warm up the crowd…this was it. Show on. No easing into this show…uh uh.  This fire got started with a good dousing of gasoline…no kindling required.   Heavy crunch tastefully layered with the sweetest leads and teeth gnashing vocals…Threat Signal rocked; from the first to very last note…and the crowd loved them!

When the tour wrapped up, about a week after our interview, Chris headed home to Newfoundland, and got to work to offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his gear and recording set up.  He shared it all, from strings to recording software and everything in between.  We’re proud to share this video with you.


Driven, focused, inspired, warm, polite, CANADIAN!!!  Chris Feener is a diverse, talented, smart player.  His joy of playing and genuine love of music colours everything he does, whether it’s a playful interview, a sizzling live show, a tutorial, a gear tour…

His talent and authenticity is going to make for a long, wildly diverse and interesting career….I’ll be watching closely & cheering him on from the sidelines!


Pamela Ashton

 Chris Feener Gear:

Schecter Diamond 6 & 7 String Guitars

11-52 Guage Strings

Fractal Axe FX Ultra (Direct)

Behringer Foot Controller


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