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It seems every time we turn our heads, somebody, somewhere is asking for money for another worthwhile cause.  We are bombarded by requests from every possible media.  It appears that there are so many people in need, for so many different reasons…it just becomes completely overwhelming.  Really. We begin to feel that whatever donation we could possibly offer would be like throwing a cupful of water on a raging forest fire….completely futile.

So good, kind, caring people often don’t give to charity because they feel that their small offering would make no difference whatsoever to any given cause.

I wonder how many of us there are who feel this way…hundreds? Thousands? Could we make a difference, collectively?  I believe we can.

Several weeks ago, was fortunate enough to be involved in a fundraiser that proved the incredible impact that a few hundred people pooling their “futile” donations could have.  In one evening, in a small town just south of Montreal, Quebec, ordinary, hard working people raised over $15,500 in cash to help to support a young family in need.  $10.00 at a time, “futile” donations were raised that together, will care for this family of 4 for one year. Rent, utilities and food…paid for by offerings that were “too small to make a difference”.

One teacup at a time – this forest fire was extinguished., after having learned of the family’s plight, offered up for raffle, its first custom built guitar, a gleaming beauty with a one-of-a-kind  swirled ash top, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and a hard rock maple neck.


Tickets were sold at a cost of $25 each, over the course of several weeks.  Word of mouth and local radio support helped to spread the word locally.  On the night of January 29th, 2011 the draw was made and a lucky ticket holder won this beautiful custom axe for $25.

The guitar, dubbed“Woody” by the event organizer, has a 25½ scale 22 fret neck, Wilkinson tremolo, Schaller locking keys, Dimarzio pick-ups, a single “TONE” volume control, and three way selector switch. Woody’s pick-ups were donated by the good people at Dimarzio.

Woody raised over $2500 for that family.

We’ve recognized the enormous difference $25 can make. will be continuing to put gratitude into action by raffling off a custom built guitar twice yearly, with 100% of the proceeds from these raffles going to a worthy charity.  Bookmark this site and visit us often to see what is doing to PLAY it forward.

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