I AM OZZY: Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Ayres


I love to laugh, and enjoy laughing as much as the next person, but I don’t laugh easily. It’s very rare that a movie makes me laugh aloud; A book, even less so….well, until I picked up I AM OZZY.

A very busy life does not afford me many opportunities to read books. When I do, I usually reach for biographies. I like to learn something while I’m being entertained. If I want fiction, I can watch the news.

Before a recent vacation, I picked up the Ozzy autobiography. I thought it would likely be an entertaining read – but had no idea that it would have me laughing aloud on the plane, poolside, in the hotel room….I grin just thinking about it!

Early in the book, Ozzy admits that there are many periods of his life that are blurry, and that the book will be a representation of what he does remember as he remembers it. So with that knowledge, I dove in.

The book is funny! Not just a little amusing, but laugh-out-loud funny. Because the book was written just like Ozzy talks, it was as though the man himself was sitting poolside with me on my first day of vacation. I enjoyed Ozzy’s company so much, that I spent the entire day reading in the sun…smiling and laughing my way through the pages. Stopping only long enough to order another margarita or cool off with a quick dip in the pool. I smiled the entire day.

Later that night, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed two dime-sized, pasty white circles on each of my cheeks. At first I couldn’t figure it out – then I realized that while smiling all day – my dimples were hidden from the sun! A small price to pay for the laughter. (Besides I had some self-tanner that I applied before bed!)

Reading about the plane crash in which Randy Rhoads, Rachel Youngblood (hair & makeup/seamstress) and tour bus driver, Andrew Aycock perished was painful. Ozzy managed to convey the confusion and horror surrounding the scene. He described the scenario from the perspective of someone being awakened from a drunken slumber to a dizzying nightmare; the noises, the smells, the chaos, and the slow realization of the depth of the tragedy that had just unfolded. The agony was magnified by Ozzy’s continuing bewilderment about how nothing leading up to the crash made any sense whatsoever. Such a huge loss…a terrible, bitter tragedy.

The level of honestly with which the book was written was refreshing. Ozzy revealed his feelings about big issues like not giving enough to his parents, and feeling like a failure as a father, and little things…like wiping himself with Roger Whittaker’s curtains when no toilet paper could be found. (One of many passages that caused me to burst out laughing aloud!) As I said earlier, it was like spending a day with the man himself.

Throughout the book, Ozzy pays tribute to Sharon, saying several times that she saved his life. His love for her is apparent throughout the book, and after learning more about her, I fell for her too. What a powerhouse! She now joins my “SUPPER LIST*”. (*A list of celebrities that I’d love to invite to a series of dinner parties because I’d like to get to know them better, over a great meal that I cook!)

Even if Ozzy isn’t your favorite music celebrity in the world, you will enjoy this book and by the time you close the back cover, you’ll likely discover that you’re actually quite fond of the bloke.


Review by Pamela Ashton

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