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timbo150Ok folks, this is prolly gonna be a short one due to the lack of info circulating about this band but what can I say….they’re one of the greats of the American hardcore movement of the 1980’s, and they’re known as Battalion Of Saints.

The band was formed in San Diego, California in 1980 and the “classic” line up consisted of George Anthony on vocals, Chris Smith on guitar, Dennis Frame on bass and Ted Olson on drums.

This line up released the classic Fighting Boys ep on their own Nutrons Records in 1982, and contains the classic songs (I’m Gonna) Make You Scream, Modern Day Heroes, E/B and the title track, Fighting Boys.

In 1983, they released a 7” for Mystic Records. The A side was Second Coming, with Intercourse and Solitary Is Fun on the B side. I’m not sure what the line up for this single was, but over the years the band has had many members, but for this single, at least 3, if not all of the original line up was there. Dennis Frame may have been gone by then but I can’t say for certain.

In 1984 they put their first full length lp out on Nutrons/Enigma called Second Coming. Containing tracks like My Mind’s Diseased, Right Or Wrong, Holy Vision, Fair Warning and a cover of Motorhead’s Ace Of Spades, it was a fantastic album. I know by this point, Dennis Frame was gone so Chris Smith played guitar and bass on the record.

The band had already gone through numerous line up changes at this point, but after touring for the Second Coming lp, Chris Smith decided to move to New Jersey to marry his girlfriend, but his plans backfired. So, instead, Chris steals George’s girlfriend and moved to New York. He joined the band Kraut and recorded some material with them. When George goes to New York to talk Chris into going back to San Diego, he finds that Chris has died of an overdose. George moves to England deciding to end the band in 1985.

In 1994, George decides to reform the band with his friend Terry “Tezz” Roberts (Discharge, Broken Bones, UK Subs). They add Matthew McCoy on drums and Gregor Kramer on bass. They also add the suffix A.D. to the bands name, and in December ’94, they record 2 songs, Hell’s Around The Next Corner and Thru With You. They are released as a single on Taang! Records in 1995.

After playing some shows, Matthew and Gregor are replaced by Ken Ortman on bass and Mark Bender on drums.

In 1996, they record the album Cuts for Taang! Records. The sound of the material is similar to the old stuff but with a more UK punk feel.

1997 rolls around and the band stops touring to concentrate on new material. The first product is released again on Taang! Records as a 7” single with the original song I Don’t Know and a cover of Alice Cooper’s Muscle Of Love. They worked on more new material and planned to record it in 1998 but this doesn’t happen. The band splits.

In 2004, George recruits new members and returns to the name Battalion Of Saints. They continue to play to this day.


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