As a music fan, I feel extreme satisfaction when an artist, that I pegged years before as extremely talented, finally explodes onto the world stage.  There is a quiet affinity that I feel for these people when after much dedication and persistence; they are finally getting the widespread recognition that they deserve.  Awesome.


There is something magical about seeing the early stages of an idea, a band, or a career, as it morphs into something bigger, then gets launched into something even bigger…From the sidelines, we celebrate all the victories along the way and look back with gratitude that we were fortunate enough to bear witness to the emergence of something truly great.

But what triggers that motivation for us to get “on board” with a new band or a new idea?  The excitement in the pit of our guts that whispers “revolutionary’?  The tingling spidy-senses?  Something that just resonates within us telling us “This going to be BIG!” ?

I really don’t know…

But I do know that I had that electric feeling today while talking to Matt Halpern about his incredible–dare I say-REVOLUTIONARY new website…BANDHAPPY.

BANDHAPPY is the brand new, and first LIVE online and in-person music education service.  Teachers from all facets of the music industry can register to teach through the site, while students can book one-on-one online lessons OR in-person lessons.  The online lessons are booked at mutually convenient times.  The in-person lessons occur when a teacher, who is actively touring with a band, gives live, in-person lessons, in the cities where the tour stops.  These in-person lessons often occur at the venue before the show, so pre-booked students can come to the venue early for their lesson, then, if they’ve purchased tickets to the show, they can wrap up their day watching their teacher’s band play a show!

Incredibly exciting and inspiring for aspiring and accomplished musicians and people looking to hone their skill sets to work in the music industry.

But there is so much more….

I asked Halpern how the idea of BANDHAPPY came about.  He was enthusiastic, succinct and very honest with his answer. 

In one-word “Necessity”.

The mother of invention.

He elaborated that the enormous changes that have transpired in the music industry as a whole meant that individuals in touring bands were struggling more than ever to make ends meet while out on the road.

Gone were the days of fantastically fat touring budgets, luxury accommodations, and musicians being able to survive exclusively by showing up and playing the gig.

Now musicians had to really hustle, and even while hustling, huge personal sacrifices still had to be made to tour…only now…the comforts that used to help to balance out some of the sacrifices had all but disappeared.

Some musicians simply couldn’t afford to go on tour.

In order to survive financially while on tour, Halpern started giving lessons while on tour, successfully booking and teaching mini-clinics in various cities on the tour roster.  When he wasn’t touring, he continued to offer lessons via Skype and developed a source of personal income that allowed him to earn a living doing what he loves to do…playing drums.

It didn’t take long before his touring-musician friends wanted something similar arranged for themselves.  Halpern helped where he could, but the volume of lessons, and the work required to arrange them start to finish, soon got overwhelming.  A new solution was required to put willing, talented teachers in touch with the growing pool of eager students.


An extremely fitting name for a service that allows hustling musicians, producers, tour managers and other professionals who are actively involved in the music industry to earn more income, while educating students who want to learn more and improve.

Everyone benefits. 

If the people who are creating, writing and performing music can actually now afford to do so, we stand to gain more music, more live shows, more diversity, more talent. 

If the students that are looking to learn and hone their skills, have access to learn from experienced, accomplished teachers, the quality of the entire pool of upcoming musicians, producers, tour managers, and industry professionals will be elevated.

According to Halpern, this is only just  the beginning… BANDHAPPY version 1 so to speak.   Halpern is already working on version 6 in his head, with many exciting updates and upgrades along the way.The cost of a lesson?  It ranges from $15-$50 for a half hour, and from $35 to $100 for an hour.  Convenient. Reasonable. Affordable.

Halpern stressed several times during our conversation that BANDHAPPY’s number one priority is customer service and support.

He also mentioned that since its launch, BANDHAPPY has had no technical issues, no glitches, no crashing.  “It’s working GREAT!” he said while beaming with an ear-to-ear smile!

If you’re familiar with Halpern’s band PERIPHERY, then you know what a talented drummer he is. He also evidently, has quite the head for business; The question begged to be asked, “From where did you get your business sense?”

Halpern’s response was honest, charming and revealed a little bit about the man behind BANDHAPPY.  He said that although he went to college to study Mass Communications, he never graduated because he quit to play music.  He quickly added that he felt very fortunate to have some close relationships with some very smart, successful business people who greatly influenced him, including his mother, who is an accomplished Realtor.

BANDHAPPY is positioned to change the music world….and years from now, when we look back on our introduction to BANDHAPPY, we will feel that special affinity as we look back with gratitude, that we were fortunate enough to bear witness to the emergence of something truly great.

For all things BANDHAPPY please visit



Pamela Ashton

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