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ron150Zoetermeer (NL), November 29, 2012 (Interview Courtesy: Ron Coolen / Kris Claerhout For Loudguitars Europe)

After our first report for the November issue of with Marty Friedman and Yossi Sassi, cameraman Kris Claerhout and I were on our way to meet with another world class guitar player.

This time we went to talk to Andy Timmons, again at the Boerderij venue in Zoetermeer (NL).

Way back in the Danger Danger era I heard of Andy Timmons, but to be honest I really started to know and appreciate his music when I saw him play at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt years ago. He made an incredible impression on me then, and I’ve been a real fan ever since.

When arriving at the venue, the band was doing sound check. Since it is the beginning of the tour, the sound check ran long, which was great since it gave us the opportunity to witness a sizable part of sound check.

My day was already a major success!

We were kind of “forewarned” about Andy’s kindness, and we were not disappointed in any way.

Andy Timmons has seen it all, has toured the world with Danger Danger and Olivia Newton John, has made some incredible recordings, and is recognized all over the world as a world class act.

Here he is, totally cool and relaxed, very open and with no limits as to whatever subject are open to discussion.

The coolest thing was that Andy took his guitar with him during the interview, and played several licks, either to explain some part of a song, or just as a habit while talking. Right under our noses… Talk about lucky bastards!

The real music lover in Andy was demonstrated with the love and passion with which he talked about the Beatles, who had inspired and challenged him to record the Andy Timmons version of “ Sgt Pepper’s Lonely hearts Club Band”. I guess that we can easily say Andy did a fantastic job there.

We had a long conversation on this album. But all other kinds of subjects were discussed as well, such as gear, and also the tough hearing problems Andy has suffered through, and has learned to deal with.

We were promised 20 minutes, Andy gave us more than 40, and for us it was a real bonus for us…although for Andy this meant a cold dinner…..

Later that night we witnessed the gig. The show was opened by Dutch band “Scarescone”, and they were really good, keep an eye on their lead guitar player Marc Meesters.

But of course the majority of the crowded venue came for the Andy Timmons band, and we were treated a fantastic show.

In the middle part there were 11 of the 14 songs of the Sgt Peppers album. Live these songs did really well. We had a great time, and want to thank Andy from the bottom of our hearts for making this interview happen!

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