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danno150Rock Star….is there a term more misused lately? Not likely.
Throughout my 20+ years in the game, I have sat and chatted with the biggest of the big…….and the not as big as they think they are. The constant is that those doing their calling in life and being rewarded for doing so…. are usually totally cool.
Those not as cool, I call the Bar Stars…..the disgruntled wanna bes who should be – but ain’t.
I first met Andreas Kisser when Sepultura were touring with Ozzy on their Arise album. We hung out and drank a few after the show….and kept ‘er going until silly am. 2 young shredders chatting about what else??? Shredding, the bond was formed.
We met up here and there after and it had been a good 8 years since we last hung out.  I wondered how things would go as so much had changed…would he remember me? Yet another dude with long hair and a black shirt at a metal show?
Behind the scenes, a band rolls into town and they have press and stuff to do for hours before a show…..80% of the press ask the same BS; generic and mundane questions night after night.   I knew by the time slot we had, that we were one of the last to interview Andreas….so this could go either way.
We were greeted with a “Hey man, how are you?”, a bro hug then interview time. Clearly Andreas was surprised and pleased to hang and chat with an old pal…This interview was more like a chat between amigos captured on film than an interview…and that is priceless in my books.
Fact – Sepultura is without doubt in the next 4 of Thrash metal legends.
Fact- Sepultura have sold over 20 million albums worldwide.
Fact – For thrash metalheads, Arise, Chaos AD and Roots are the crème de la crème. I will personally put those 3 albums up against any band’s catalogue anywhere and any time.
Now that I’ve gone to the dark side and I’m in the eeeeevil press leagues status…. every time I am about to do an interview with someone, I extend courtesy by asking what’s game, what do you want to promote and what’s off limits…. It’s nice to chat with someone who is real…there is never any bullshit or small talk when chatting with Andreas about life and Sepultura. Ever.
He spoke of the global revival of metal, family, how the bros Max and Igor left the band, the good and the bad that came from that…. and carrying on and moving forward. Heavy!
Kairos the new album title means living and being in the moment. Tonight was all about that.
I always enjoy a conversation with a guy who has been there, done that and made the T-shirt you’re wearing. “Who first inspired you? Who moves you? Who makes you want to be better?”  Getting answers to these questions will never get old for me, and fans…Randy Rhoads, Piggy, Sacrifice are among his first influences…and it just goes from there.  Brian May, Tony Iommi, Kiss…
An artist who now has a signature guitar and a wah pedal. Andreas speaks very highly of his Brazilian-made signature guitar Seizi and wah pedal from Dunlop.  They were what he was looking for and would not negotiate any detail with…….Not bad for kid outta poverty-stricken Brazil……and the pride he shows for helping out and promoting his countrymen is clear as day.
The show was totally killer….if you haven’t been to a Sepultura show smack yerself upside yer head for me. Exchange of energy is what it’s all about. Andreas is as every single time I’ve seen them play  – bang fucking on. The moves, the windmills and the playing – bang fucking on. Crushing rhythms that were written on 2 guitars…no problem – done. Leads? Every single note is there and then some. And the bonus part???  He SMILES ON STAGE-Andreas truly loves his role as one of the best guitarists in metal, in one of the best bands in metal and does not take anything in life and on stage for granted.
By the way, not only does Derrick have big shoes to fill on vocals….but the new drummer has some seriously big shoes to fill. Igor is without doubt one of the best metal drummers ever- and not only does Eloy Casagrande fill his shoes, he leaves not a shred of doubt that he’s got game.
Eloy is a total beast on drums and might actually be better if that’s possible!!
I have seen both versions of Sepultura. And, just like Black Sabbath, I’m just as good with Dio on vox as Ozzy.
The tunes are there, the performance is so there…..and maybe, if you are lucky you will get to see them play and watch and feed the exchange of energy….cos it’s unlike any other show I’ve seen.
Go see them when they are in your town – now…thank me later and tell Andreas he rips!!
Andreas Kisser Gear:
Fender, Jackson, Charvel and Seizi Guitars
Mesa Boogie Tri-Axxis Pre-amp, Power amps and Cabinets
Dunlop Andreas Kisser Signature Wah pedal
Dunlop Strings and picks
Shredfully yours,
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