Aging in Reverse, The New Fountain of Youth


Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone…but I think I just might be in love with my Ipod.

It gets me.

It seems to have exactly the kind of music I need for any given moment – from getting all hyped up to party, to mellowing out after a chaotic day, and everything in between. My Ipod plays music that seems to epitomize precisely how I’m feeling; articulating all the subtle nuances and complexities far better than I could ever hope to explain.

And let’s be honest, EVERYTHING is better with music.

Pop in the earphones, and suddenly mowing the lawn transforms into “me” time. I rock my way through 15000 square feet stopping intermittently to bust a move…(but only if nobody’s looking)

Ah my magical Ipod, in addition to providing a magnificent musical score for my life, it also protects my privacy. Sometimes wearing those glaringly white ear buds can be as effective as sporting a shirt that says “Leave me the F**K alone”.

I mean, seriously, who was the Einstein who suggested that single people should try to hook up at the grocery store? Geeeze. As if I didn’t feel self conscious enough before when shopping for cucumbers or kiwis; now I have to wonder if someone is leering at me from over there, near the rutabagas.

Ah yes…my beloved Ipod. I used to abhor grocery shopping, but now I’ve found the remedy. A combination of my Ipod and a Rockstar Vodka. My hand, with proper placement, is just the right size to cover up the “Vodka” writing on the can, so I can drink it while doing my groceries AND listening to my Ipod. I figure, if I’m going to dump $200 in a store buying shit – I’d better enjoy the experience!

**Note: I strongly suggest pre-writing a grocery list. During a recent list-less trip I listened to a great deal of very loud metal and ended up buying tons of really spicy food, meat and drink mix. It kinda brings the “buyer beware” thing to a whole new level.

My Ipod also makes it easy to access thousands of songs to match my thoughts and moods…but I’ve never actually been able to listen at length to any of its genius mixes. A flaw with my Ipod? Hell no.

Music is such a source of energy for me, but in order for me to be capable of absorbing that energy – it absolutely must be the right frequency to resonate within me at that given time. That’s why the randomness of the genius mixes doesn’t work for me. So really, it’s not the Ipod, it’s all me.

Could it be that as music lovers, we are more in tune with our own frequencies, which is why we crave listening to our favorite bands? Could it be that on some levels we know that the right frequencies can improve energy flow in our bodies, so naturally we gravitate toward it? Maybe we recognize that if we plug into the frequency just the right way we can resonate, harmonize…even heal?

I mean, doesn’t “frequency” explain how a mosh pit can get whipped up into a frenzy with only a few notes played? Isn’t that why we are so deeply moved by one song, yet completely unaffected by another? Could it be that we choose our music to resonate with our own personal frequency?

There are some songs that I swear have a physiological impact on me at the cellular level…. There is nothing quite like the feeling of aging in reverse by listening to something that makes me smile from the inside out!!!

I’ll explore music’s frequency and its impact on us more in a future column, for now, I’m going to feed my cherished Ipod by purchasing some more music from Itunes. Yeah – I did say PURCHASE .   Always pay for music – the artists deserve it…and truly, it’s a small price to pay for your very own fountain of youth!





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