A Childhood Memory of Music


My love for music goes beyond the everyday sing along to a few songs kind of love, this love is deep and goes back to the the day my mother took away my first taste of heavy metal!
For an 11 year old kid to stumble upon Black Sabbath’s 1971 album Master Of Reality was definitely a reality check of what music really was! Considering the fact that at the time the last tape I owned was The New Kids On The Block’s Hanging Tough.
The musical shift scared my mother enough to think that her daughter has been possessed by the devil who came to her through the sounds that spewed from beyond the realms of hell!
Well it didn’t exactly go down quite like that but I like to tell the story that way…But anyways, she heard the rumbling sounds of Children Of The Grave coming from my room and decided that she considered this Devil music and took away my tape.
My active imagination plus the fear of the dark led me to believe that maybe I did in fact stir up some sort of evil that I couldn’t see but felt as the sounds of Sweet Leaf flowed though my brain.
With my curiosity I explored those feelings the music gave me by digging through my dad’s tape box and discovered Stevie Nicks’s debut solo 1981 album Bella Donna.
The reason for this choice was simple, Stevie looked pretty in that white dress.
I sat back , turned up my dad’s stereo and closed my eyes.
As the distinctive chugging guitar riff of Edge Of Seventeen blasts through my body I realize the excitement I have never felt before!
The music fills my body and soul with a warmth and excitement that nothing can match even to this day!
I tore through that tape box like a pit bull digging for a bone, Bad Company’s 10 from 6, Led Zeppelin 2, Boston and to my delight I once again stumble upon what my mom referred to as the devils music, Black Sabbath.
As time went on I continued to filled up any spaces in my brain with music of many genres to which I will never be able to learn another language or do any complicated mathematical equations because that part of the brain is filled with musical facts and lyrics.
I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up, and one day all of my falling star and birthday wishes were granted! Well not really but close enough! I grew up to be a Radio DJ.
Not only do I eat, breath and sleep music, I now get to share it to the who ever tunes in and get paid for it!
If I were to meet that 11 year old kid and tell her that I would grow up to something that was meant for me, I wouldn’t believe it.

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